Toby Langworthy’s Summary of the National Campaigns Network meeting, Part 2

Hi All,

Day two wrapped up yesterday. I would have posted earlier but I took some time to walk and see the monuments. I did it mostly at night and I would definitely recommend it as there was hardly anybody around and the buildings look amazing at night.

Anyway, back to the NCN gathering. Day two was just as excellent as day one. We began with the Indi-Awards. They were to call out Indivisible groups doing amazing work around the country. They rewards categories such as red district resistance, visibility for our values, cohesive coalitions, electoral power and birddogging the hell out of them,

Next, Leah and Ezra gave some further details regarding the upcoming We Are Indivisible book. They are asking we get least 5000 pre-orders so that it shows up on the best sellers lists. We were given a copy of the forward of the book as well. You can pre-order from Amazon or other sources.

We then attended a regional work shop that drilled into the details regarding democracy reform. Remember, this was the third overall national objective beyond Resist and Win. If we don’t reform how democracy functions, we simply cannot accomplish anything else. Beyond some of the specific items regarding reform, the filibuster was discussed in detail. The view from the national team appears to be that they support removing the filibuster so that we can implement needed reform. However, I expressed some concern in the room regarding the possibility of significant see-saw in policy and that this would allow Republicans, if they ever take control of the house and the White House again, to implement polices that most of us would agree are terrible. I’ve included a number of images from the presentation. You can review and let me know if you have any questions but this will be a big focus depending on the 2020 results.

Next, we attended a panel discussion regarding the Defund Hate campaign. In attendance were:

Avideh Moussavian from National Immigration Law Center
Richard Morales from LA RED
Juan Manuel Guzman from United We Dream

It was a very informative session from groups that are very deeply involved in this issue.

The next session was involving basic group management and how to boost attendance and involvement of members. There were many good shares from other groups regarding the types of events they do and how they engage with their members. We’ll be discussing some of those best practices to see what we can put in place here.

We then had a quick closing event where Leah and Ezra shared some closing thoughts on the way forward along with some time to reflect on the two days we spent together.

Overall, it was a wonderful couple of days and I am still trying to process everything that I learned. We’ll be compiling this information to share during our meeting in September in greater detail so I hope to see you all there.

I want to close this out with some reflections on the Lincoln memorial. When you are walking up to it, the steps towards the bottom are darker and lined on both sides with stones embedded in the concrete. As you ascend, the stairs get lighter, the view becomes clearer and you feel as though you accomplished something. This struck me as it seems to reflect the times we are in now. We are in a dark place at the moment, but we a little hard work, we can rise to a better place. The path may be rocky sometimes but as MLK said “We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”