The Week Ahead: November 26

**Reminder: Comment on our Facebook page or PM the steering team with any and all input for our 2019 focus. The Indivisible national office has published two updated guides for the strategy going forward. Read them as they will be an important input to future strategy.


Trump is reportedly planning to travel to a Mississippi rally before the run-off election for a Senate seat there this Tuesday, November 27th. Expect all kinds of crazy rhetoric to energize the base.

As in the days leading up to the mid-term election, Trump may use fear mongering about immigration as unrest at a California border crossing is making the news.

There hasn’t been a lot of buzz on social media or in the news regarding threats to the Mueller investigation, but please stay vigilant.

State and Local

Lame duck session shenanigans from the Michigan state legislature are expected as they are back in session starting November 27th. The more noteworthy bills are shown below. The numbered Senate bills were mentioned last week as well.

  • Legislation to create private police forces is reported under consideration. Supporters say private police officers could free up public law enforcement agencies to focus more on serious crime. Critics say the legislation would create special police forces for the rich.
  • Senate Bill 1171 would remove tipped employees from that minimum wage structure.
  • Senate Bill 1175 would shorten from three years to six months a requirement to maintain a record of hours worked and earned sick time. The bill would also eliminate a legal “rebuttable presumption” for workers if their employer penalizes or punishes them for alleging a violation of the paid sick leave law.
  • Senate Bill 1176: Will make some election donations — the millions that came from nonprofit political advocacy groups — harder to trace.

MEETINGS/TRAINING (Thanks to Linda Kristensen for this information.)

MONDAY  November 26

  • no events scheduled

TUESDAY  November 27

  • Line 5 (Oil & Water Don’t Mix) – Lame Duck Lobby Day, 8 am – 1 pm, Central United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, First Floor, 215 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933. RSVP Sean McBrearty –
  • Prides Giving, 5-8 pm, New Holland Brewing – The Knickerbocker, 417 Bridge St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

WEDNESDAY – November 28

  • Neighborhood Match Fund Informational Meeting, 12-1 pm, Grand Rapids African American Health Institute, 413 Hall St. SE Suite 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

THURSDAY – November 29

  • no events scheduled

FRIDAY  November 30

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Night, 6-9 pm, GRCC Campus Dining, 122 Lyon St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

SATURDAY – December 1

  • no events scheduled

SUNDAY – December 2

  • no events scheduled