The Week Ahead: August 27



This past week was a bad week for Trump. His personal lawyer pleaded guilty to several crimes and DIRECTLY IMPLICATED TRUMP. Trump’s friend, the head of The National Enquirer, who buried scandalous stories for him and the longtime Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization were both granted immunity. These men are perfectly positioned to know details of Trump’s actual and potential crimes. Expect more indictments, plea deals, and crazy tweets.

These events add pressure on Trump and he is ramping up pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign so a new appointee can stop the Mueller investigation. Remember, we take to the streets in protest if Mueller is fired.

With Trump directly implicated in a crime, there is increased pressure to delay the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. If Trump is indicted or impeached, the Court could decide important issues. Thus, by selecting Kavanaugh, Trump is in effect a potential defendant selecting one of his own jury members. This nomination must be delayed until the end of the investigations against Trump. If you know of anyone who lives in a state with Republican Senators, ask them to call and tell their Senator the vote must be delayed. The number for the Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121.

Senator John McCain passed away yesterday. While I disagreed with him a lot, he was a patriot and a good man. Honoring him knows no party and is a step towards healing.

Remember: all of the immigrant families separated are still not reunited yet.

State and Local

Both the Democratic and Republican parties in Michigan held their state conventions this weekend in East Lansing and Lansing, respectively. Some highlights:

-Republicans chose Mary Treder Lang for Secretary of State and Tom Leonard for Attorney General.

-They will run against Jocelyn Benson and Dana Nassel, from the Democratic party for those offices.

A subject discussed at the Michigan Democratic Party convention was the importance of the courts, especially the Michigan Supreme Court. With Trump and McConnell packing the federal judiciary with judges on the right, the federal bench is becoming more closed off to future civil rights cases. Increased importance may shift to the state level courts, especially the state Supreme Court. In November we have the opportunity to open the state and local courts to these cases. Just remember vote: “ABC”

A = “Alida” – Alida Bryant, candidate for Kent County Circuit Court Judge
B = “Bagenstos” = Sam Bagenstos, candidate for Michigan Supreme Court
C = “Cavanagh” – Megan Cavanagh, candidate for Michigan Supreme Court

Also, keep in mind that the judicial races are in the non-partisan section of the ballot. If you vote “straight ticket” for the Dems you will NOT have voted for these races. They may be near the bottom of the ballot or even on the other side. Please check to make sure you complete this section of the ballot. (easy as “ABC”)

GOP opposition to Proposal 2 (Voter’s Not Politicians anti-gerrymandering measure) is taking shape. A literature piece circulating at the GOP convention called Proposal 2 a “flat-out lie.” and claims that the proposal puts redistricting power in the hands of “specially selected liberal bureaucrats to forward a liberal agenda.” The antidote is simply the truth. There will be Republicans on the commission, there will be Democrats, and there will be independents. If you’re talking to people and they don’t believe you, they can read the proposal for themselves; it’s all there. And then tell them to Vote YES! on Proposal 2!!

MEETINGS/TRAINING (Thanks to Linda Kristensen and The Hub – Organize for this information.)

MONDAY  August 27

  • Volunteer for a campaign.
  • GR Rapid Response to ICE August Training, 6:30-8:30, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 250 Commerce Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI 49503

TUESDAY  August 28

  • Volunteer for a campaign.
  • Pizza and Phone Bank Kent County, 3777 44th St. NE, Grand Rapids MI 49512, (for Rob Davidson)

WEDNESDAY – August 29

  • Volunteer for a campaign.
  • Campaign Kick-Off for Deb Havens for Kent County Commissioner District 1, 5 – 7 pm, Bostwick Lake, 7327 Davies Drive, Rockford, Michigan, (hosted by Tom Appel)
  • GRUP Monthly Meeting, 6-8 pm, Central Parkway NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
  • Ask for Changes at the Rapid, 4-7 pm, Rapid Central Station, 250 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids MI 49503

THURSDAY – August 30

  • Volunteer for a campaign.

FRIDAY  August 31

  • Volunteer for a campaign.

SATURDAY – September 1

  • Volunteer for a campaign.
  • Kent County Progressive Caucus Meeting, 11 am – 1 pm, Riverside Park, 2001 Monroe Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

SUNDAY – September 2

  • Volunteer for a campaign.
  • Crowd Safety Training National Assembly, 2:30-5 pm, 1650 Godfrey Ave SW, Wyoming MI 49509, hosted by Movimiento Cosecha GR

On the Horizon

  • Meet the Blue Wave Candidates for 2018 – September 6
  • General election! – November 6