The Week Ahead: July 2-8



June 30, Grand Rapids, Families Belong Together Protest at Rosa Parks Circle.

It was a tough week at both the Federal and State/Local level. It can be easy to get discouraged. Please know that each of us is the agent of change and if enough of us work to make changes, it will inevitably happen. If you are bothered by what you read below, do something about it by getting involved, staying the course, and helping others get involved. To this end, our weekly activity calendar below is focused on supporting candidates.


This past week saw setbacks for unions and the travel ban as Supreme Court decisions on these topics favored the Trump administration. The situation could get worse as Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement at the end of July. Trump plans to announce a replacement in a week and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reached new heights of hypocrisy by stating hearings and a possible confirmation vote this Fall. I guess giving the people a voice in the Supreme Court choice through the election only applies to Democratic presidents. Trump’s short list of potential justices are reportedly all right-wing ideologues that would likely threaten much of the social and environmental progress of the past few decades. In addition, with Trump under investigation for activity that in some form may go before the Supreme Court, filling Kennedy’s vacancy is the equivalent of Trump picking a justice that could decide his fate – a clear conflict of interest. Democrats are vowing to oppose confirming a new justice before the new Congress and your voices are more important than ever. Contact your members of Congress and demand no Supreme Court nomination should go forward until after the election and a new Congress is seated.

June 30 saw over 700 demonstrations in all 50 states against Trump’s immigration policy that has separated thousands of children from their families. This included Grand Rapids and congratulations to all you Indivisible members who came out in the Summer heat. Well done!

State and Local

Senate Bill 897, the work requirement for Medicaid recipient bill, was signed by the governor on June 25.

Senate Bills 652, 653 and 654, which will create private-sector panels to oversee decisions made by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, were signed by the governor on June 28 and will go into immediate effect. This means that review panels dominated by members of the industries being regulated will have enormous influence on those regulations.

Meetings and Training

MONDAY – July 2
-Campaign for a candidate

TUESDAY – July 3
-Campaign for a candidate

-4th of July PARADE Marches: Abdul and Katy Steele Barone at the Kentwood Parade; Winnie Brinks, Rachel Hood, Fred Wooden, Cathy Albro, Bill Saxton, August Treu at the Holly Hock Lane & East Grand Rapids Parades, Rob Davidson, White Lake parade
-Black Lives Matter Vigil -12:15-12:45, Rosa Parks Circle, Grand Rapids MI

-Campaign for a candidate
-Meet and Greet for Lily Schulting: Lake County Democratic Party, 1075 US-10, Baldwin MI 49304

FRIDAY – July 6
-Campaign for a candidate

-Campaign for a candidate
-Stoked to Vote – Voter Registration Party, 10AM-5PM, Woosah, 738 Wealthy St, Grand Rapids MI 49503

SUNDAY – July 8
-Campaign for a candidate

On the Horizon

-July 9th is the deadline for registering to vote for the August 7th primary election. Don’t wait, confirm your registration status today.
-August 7th primary election

Thanks to Linda Kristensen, Shellie Jeffries, and The Hub – Organize for this information.