May Is Action Month!

IGR WP May action

Following us on Facebook; posting or commenting on our Facebook page; and attending our monthly meetings to learn about issues, candidates, and new initiatives to oppose the Trump administration are all great ways for us to build and strengthen our solidarity and to keep our motivation high.

BUT, as we keep emphasizing, these things–and voting Blue in November–will not be enough.

More is needed!

If we really want a Blue Wave in November, and if we want to actively resist the Trump agenda nationally and locally, more will be needed. We must all, to the extent each of us can, act politically, such as:

  • Calling—or visiting—your federal and state senators and representatives about pending legislation or about issues you care strongly about;
  • Volunteering to work for a candidate—or for two;
  • Attending candidate fundraisers, or donating to the campaigns of your choice;
  • Helping register new voters;
  • Doing door-to-door canvassing, talking to citizens about candidates and issues you support;
  • Training to become a precinct organizer;
  • Working for progressive voting issues (such as Promote the Vote) or ballot proposals (such as Voters Not Politicians)


No May Meeting

In May, we want members of Indivisible Grand Rapids to get out and actively work in these or other ways. So WE ARE CANCELLING OUR MAY MEETING (which was scheduled for May 20) and instead we are encouraging each one of you to do one or more of the things listed above—or to do other things that actively work for a Blue Wave in November or that help thwart the Trump agenda nationally and locally.

In the next days and weeks, we will be posting here various opportunities to be more politically active in May and will encourage you to get involved. We also encourage you to post to our Facebook page some of the political actions have taken in May (visiting your state representative; a volunteer stint at a campaign headquarters; an afternoon of canvassing, collecting signatures—whatever!), and to share with us a little about that experience—how it felt, what you learned, what you would do differently next time, etc.

We are all angry and frustrated with Trump’s America. We are all determined to restore basic American ideals and decency. We all want to see a Blue Wave in November. Please, in May, put all this into concrete political action!


Gary Stark – Indivisible Grand Rapids Steering Committee