March Meeting: Candidates for MI 3rd District of Congress

There are several reasons to come to the monthly Indivisible GR meetings:

  • Get re-focused and re-energized
  • Meet other activists and candidates in person
  • Sign petitions for others or bring yours to get signatures
  • Learn details of activities like canvassing and hosting candidate parties to make them considerably less scary to do the first time.
  • It’s an easy first step to “I’ve got to do something.”


The March meeting started with a review of political events of the past month. Gary showed data on gun violence from – a great resource. Then, the mother of one of the 15-year-olds that organized the GR March For Our Lives spoke. She said that between 5-6,000 people turned out for yesterday’s march. She explained that the kids did all the organizing (although she had to do some driving) and now have a lot of homework to catch up. Then it will be on to registering voters at high schools and colleges.

Several organizations (ACLU and League of Women Voters for instance), have plans for canvassing to register people to vote and offer assistance on election days. Colin and Frank Linn role-played a canvasser approaching a homeowner and the ensuing exchange. They made it look, if not easy, at least less scary than public speaking! With the caveat to always be truthful if you don’t know something – you can’t know every angle of a policy or every stance of a candidate.


Candidates for the primary for Michigan’s 3rd District – Justin Amash’s seat

Fred Wooden and Cathy Albro were given 15 minutes each to tell us about themselves and why they were running. Neither has run for office before and feel strongly that change is needed.

Fred Wooden is currently the pastor at Fountain Street Church and sees his run as an extension of caring for families and communities. Some of the topics he spoke on:

  • Healthcare for all children
  • A living wage and childcare solutions
  • Universal pre-K and publicly-funded community college

Cathy Albro has a teaching background and is a small business owner. Education and economic inequality are her big concerns. The topics she discussed:

  • Universal Healthcare
  • An inclusive economy
  • Equity in Education
  • A clean environment

Both candidates are against fracking. Both want a different tax strategy and workplace “safety and dignity.” They were asked questions on immigration policy, gun control, and if they had any personal restrictions on who they would allow campaign donations from.


Alida Bryant for Circuit Court Judge

Alida is running because, as a lawyer, she sees the need to treat drug addiction as a disease that requires treatment not incarceration, and a need for people to receive respect and dignity from the bench.


Frank Linn, chairman of the Kent County Democrats, informed us that there are several county commissioner seats that need to be filled and need candidates to run! Check here for local candidate information.

Our next meeting is Sunday, April 29, at 4 p.m. at Fountain Street Church.