The Week Ahead – March 5-11, 2018

Hi Indivisible GR! Below is this week’s edition of “The Week Ahead”


While tomorrow was the expiration of DACA, court action has temporarily blocked the Trump administration from ending it. Please keep up efforts on our members of Congress to pass a permanent fix.
In the past week, we’ve seen mixed message on guns, new scandals involving White House senior staff, and a potential trade war basically from “off the cuff” remarks. The chaos in the news cycle could provide cover for harmful measures being implemented. Please look beyond the tweets and distractions at what Congress is actually doing.
The Mueller investigation continues to close in on the criminal activity around (and possibly including) Trump. I think the count now is 19 indictments and 5 guilty pleas. Media reports Trump is deeply frustrated by this progress. Please remain vigilant and remember the need for spontaneous protest in case they try to fire Mueller.

State and Local

Despite federal inaction, momentum continues to build to protest mass shootings at schools led by the inspiring students in Parkland Florida. National events are planned for March 14th and 24th and April 20th.
Thanks to all who could attend the Indivisible GR meeting last Sunday. Sharon Dolente from the ACLU did an excellent job in explaining current voting rights activities in Michigan. Next month we hear from some candidates. Mark your calendars.
The Indivisible GR mid-term election guide available for your use. Download it today (click on Files on the left side of the page and click the link) and use it to get involved in this important election year.

MEETINGS/TRAINING (Thanks to Linda Kristensen, The Hub – Organize and Kent County Dems for much of this information!)

MONDAY – March 5




SATURDAY, March 10

On the Horizon

  • Kent Dems Monthly Meeting/County Convention – Mar 14
  • GVSU Town Hall with Abdul El-Sayed for Governor – Mar 14
  • Irish On Democracy – Mar 17
  • Trans Day of Visibility – Mar 25
  • Meet the Candidates Night – Mar 27

Amplify Actions
– Tell your state representative to oppose SB 652-654 which give veto power over the Department of Environmental Quality to polluting industries
– Urge Senators Stabenow and Peters and Rep. Amash to support a clean Dream Act
– Tell Senators Stabenow and Peters and Rep. Amash to oppose Concealed Carry Reciprocity
– Tell Senators Stabenow and Peters to oppose S. 2155 which could put at risk of another financial crisis ca 2008-9.
– Tell Senators Stabenow and Peters to oppose H.R. 620 which weakens the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
– Tell your state representative to support HB 5238 to allow school districts to undertake needed energy efficiency projects
– Urge Governor Snyder to veto SB 574 to prevent tax dollars from to for-profit educational institutions